Studio Policies

Please read these policies carefully as many have changed from last year.

Tuition Fees & Payments
* Tuition rates are for the full season (September-May).  A full season of dance includes a minimum of 36 weeks of lessons.  For your convenience we offer payment plans of monthly and annually.   FULL PAYMENT must be received prior to each class to receive the annual discount rates.  Space in each class is limited.

* Monthly Tuition is paid in 9 equal monthly installments which are always due on the first of each month.  You may pay by means of secure monthly auto-pay with a credit card, checking account, or a pre-paid credit card.  Tuition will be debited from your bank account or credit card on the 1st day of each month.  If payment is not received by the next statement posting date it is subject to a late fee of $5.00.  Payments need to be marked with the student’s name and what it is for (tuition, dance wear, shoes, costume, etc.).   
* After registering, monthly tuition fees must be paid by cash, check, automatic bank account debit or automatic credit card payment.  Tuition will be debited from your account (or charged to your credit card) on the 1st day of each month (October-May).  Recital costumes will need to be paid in full by November 15, 2016.  PLEASE NOTE:  There will be a 3.5% fee credit & debit card payments to cover the fees charged by those companies.

* A non-refundable $10.00 registration fee per student is due upon registration.

* All students must be registered prior to start of classes, fees must accompany registration form.

Discounts  (Two Options)  
* Monthly Plan: No discount on first class; 5% discount on the second lesser value class; 10% discount on third and fourth classes.  OR   Annual Plan: 10% discount on all classes.  No additional discounts.  NO discounts on Performing/Competition Classes.

NSF Payments
* NSF on paper checks, auto-debit, or auto-charge payments will incur a $40.00 NSF fee which will be paid along with the tuition or item purchases.  After one NSF payment, you will be expected to pay for classes with cash or money order.  All accounts more than 60 days past due will be turned over to an outside agency for collections.  

Class Schedule
* Class schedule is subject to change based upon facility availability and a minimum number per class.  Children are grouped by age and ability level.  Registration must be updated and filled out completely and the tuition fee paid before the class begins.   If not, your child will not be able to participate.  Classes will be canceled or consolidated (two class sections condensed into one) if minimum number is not met.

Withdrawal from Classes
* One month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any class.  To withdraw a parent must: 1) inform the studio administration in person, 2) complete and sign a withdrawal form.  All automatic bank debiting or credit card charges will stop after the one-month notice period.  A cancellation fee of $10.00 will be charged.       
* IDC reserves the right to terminate lessons at any time to any students without notice.  In such a case a refund for unused lessons will be given.  If the studio is not notified of a student dropping a class, tuition will continue to be charged, regardless of attendance, as the student's spot is being secured and held in the class. 

Rescheduling and Substitution
* IDC reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher id the regular teacher is ill or is otherwise unable to teach.  IDC reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes.

Refunds/Credit Vouchers
* Refunds are only issued when IDC cancels a class due to low enrollment.
* Credit vouchers will be issued when the student initiates the schedule change.  Vouchers may be applied to any IDC tuition or fees and must be used within one year.  No refunds of any kind will be made after September 30, 2016.  By this time classes have been well established and recital planning is well underway.
* No refunds from fundraisers.    
* Costume deposits will be refunded only providing a costume has not yet been ordered for your child.
* IDC does not offer refunds or tuition deductions due to absence or drop outs.

Class Transfer/Change
 * Changing class sections is allowed within one week of registration without a fee.  There is a $10.00 charge for changes or cancelations made after the initial registration period (one week after registering).

* Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography.  Please make every effort to attend each class. Absences and tardiness will hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.  If you miss more than eight classes throughout the year or two of the final eight classes before recital you may be dismissed from participating in the recital routine at the discretion of the teacher.
* Please notify the studio office before class time that your child will be absent.  If student is unable to dance we recommend that the student attend class to observe what is being taught. 

Dress Code
* A dancer should always be properly dressed and groomed.  It is part of the self-discipline, which goes hand-in-hand with dance training itself.  Students MUST wear the proper attire listed for their specific class. Failure to wear required dancewear to class could result in students being asked to sit out of the class.  Plan ahead…repeated failure to wear required dancewear could result in termination of class.  Hair MUST be tied back out of the face.

* To protect the safety of our students, IDC requires that they arrive and depart as close to the scheduled class times as possible.  Parents are accepting the responsibility for their safety until their class begins!  We require all students be dropped or picked up within 5-10 minutes of their class time!  We are not set up to provide childcare!!  Please let us know in advance if someone else is picking up your child. 

Code of Conduct
* Dancers are expected to be at class on time and prepared in proper dance attire.  Instructors require the full attention of ALL students.  IDC and their instructors reserve the right to dismiss any dancers from class who is being disruptive or attitudes are unsatisfactory.  Here at IDC every dancer is encouraged to treat other dancers with respect, support and encouragement.

Conflict of Interest
* Students currently enrolled in our dance program may not assist or teach for a competitive studio/school within a 50 mile radius of IDC.
 Private Lesson
* A private lesson is $30.00 for one hour.  Private lessons are not only just for students who  perform solos in the recital but also for students who are having difficulty in class and who may need more structured practice time.  They are also for students who are serious about dance and desire to improve their technique and abilities. 

Lost and Found
* Ironwood Dance Company is not responsible for lost items. A lost and found container is located in the dressing room.  Please check the lost and found container regularly as all lost and found items are donated to Goodwill during Christmas break and around June 15th.  Please put your child’s name on all their dance items (in both shoes). 

* At IDC we go to great lengths to keep you informed and up to date.  It is also very important for parents and instructors to keep lines of communication open to ensure each student is getting the most out of their learning experience. Your child’s instructor is always your best resource, as it is their job to help you.  
* Studio Bulletin Board, Monthly Newsletters, Website (
* It is the responsibility of the parents or adult students to inform the studio of any email address, mailing address or telephone number changes.  In the event your child is absent, it is your responsibility to check our website or the studio bulletin board for updated information.
* Recital Information Guide – Printed and available in the studio lobby area and posted on our website by February.
* Questions – We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your dancer or our program.  Let us know if we can help you in any way.

* The last 10 minutes of the last lesson of each month is open to observation.  During National Dance Week you are invited to be our guests in the classroom for the entire lesson.  Other observation is at the teacher’s discretion.  We ask that you observe quietly, that cell phones and pagers be turned off, and that siblings are monitored and quiet during observations.

Inclement Weather Policy
* In the event of inclement weather, a message will be left on local radio stations, Facebook, and our studio website regarding the status of classes.  An email will be sent as well.  Please note that we do not necessarily follow school closings as roads are often cleared by the time studio classes begin.  Any cancelled classes will be made up and rescheduled on another day and time.

Costume Orders/Exchanges
* All classes have a costume.
 * Recital costumes will be paid in full by November 15, 2016 and are not refundable after December 1, 2016.  Costumes are ordered before our Christmas/New Year break.  Costumes will not be ordered unless payment is received in full. 
* Students are measured for costumes in September and they will be delivered in March, April at the latest.  If a costume does not fit, we are able to exchange it within one week of receiving it if it is returned in its original packaging.  There may be an additional shipping/handling fees and or limited availability.
* Costumes will not be ordered until they are paid for in full.  Parents or guardians accept full responsibility for all expenses, including surcharges and postage for costumes ordered late.  IDC is not responsible if costumes are not received in time for the recital due to late payments.  Most outfits run from $55.00 to $75.00.   
* Your account needs to be paid up to date before your child takes their costume home.

* Each June, we end our season with our fully-staged, professional Spring Recital at the Historic Ironwood Theatre.  We encourage, but do not require participation.
* Dance is a performing art.  Student productions not only give dancers the thrill of performing, but also provide a strong sense of accomplishment and a chance to showcase all their hard work and talents. 
* Recital days and times are printed in our newsletter in February along with specific rehearsal days & times.
* Your account needs to be paid up to date by June 1, 2017 or your child might not be allowed to partake in the rehearsals or the performances.
* Our priority is to prepare your children for the performance experience of a lifetime!

Spring Recital Solo, Duet
* You or your child must be currently taking two classes, have good class attendance and take at least two private lessons throughout the season.  Only one routine goes into the recital.  Please indicate if you are interested in private lessons.  Indicate the dance type and teacher you would like for your private lesson.  Book your private lesson through the studio office. 906/364-2117.
Dancewear/Shoe fitting orders
* Students are asked to have their proper shoes/dancewear for each class by their first class session.  IDC sells             shoes/leotards/tights for your dance needs.  Monday, August 15 through Thursday, August 17 from 4:30-7:30 PM has been set up for the shoe and dancewear fitting order times at the dance studio located at 330 E. Ayer Street, Ironwood.  All orders must be paid in full when orders are placed.  All orders will include 6% Mi. sales tax.  

Studio Newsletter
* Our monthly information newsletters will be coming to you via e-mail.   Please check your e-mail on a regular basis.