Spring Recital Information

Dear Parent and Dancer,

We would like to thank each of you for your support and for choosing our school for your child’s dance education.  The instructors and I truly consider it a very special privilege.  Thanks for being a part of our dance family.

This letter is to help you prepare your child for this year’s recital performance and to get every thing ready for the big night.  Please read everything carefully and post it where it will be seen and not forgotten.


Below you will find most of the answers to the questions you may have about the Ironwood Dance Company Spring Recital Performances to be held on Friday, June 10th and Saturday, June 11th, 2016.

It is our desire to make sure that each and every child is safe and taken care of during these large productions.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

1.   Rehearsals are necessary so the performer can get the feel of the stage, learn where entrances and exits are, lighting cues, set changes and find where the rest room and dressing rooms are located. 

2.   All rehearsals and performances are held at the Historic Ironwood Theatre.   

3.   There is bound to be some confusion at rehearsals.  However, with everyone’s cooperation, the system we have devised will keep confusion to a minimum.  Rehearsals are very important to the success of the show

4.  We try to stick to the time schedule.  Sometimes, due to technical problems that arise, we may run over the allotted time.  Please be patient.  IT IS EASIER TO KEEP ON SCHEDULE IF EVERYONE IS ON TIME.  Dancers not attending rehearsals will not be allowed to appear in the recital.

5.   For the TECH rehearsals dancers should wear regular class dancewear. Performers are to enter theatre through the back stage doors on Lowell St. and proceed to the auditorium, sit with their class and wait until their group is called. 

6.   For DRESS rehearsals: Come in your recital outfit and go directly down stairs.  Each group will be assigned to an area in the dressing room.  One parent may accompany a student to the dress rehearsal.  Additional attendees will be subject to the FULL COST of a recital ticket.

7.   PERFORMANCE nights: All dancers MUST be at the Theatre at 5:30 pm.  The Lowell Street door will be open early. The main doors open at 5:30 pm.  All performers must remain in the dressing room with their specific group at all times. 


9.   Performers should wear leotards/costumes, tights, and carry dance shoes to and from all rehearsals and performances.  Please have your child wear a cover up (large shirt that buttons down the front so as not to mess their hair).  There are two reasons for this:  1.) So that costumes stay clean and aren’t seen before they go on stage.  2.) The cover up is also to keep them warm while they wait down stairs.

10. Write the dancers first and last name on every piece of costume and clothing, in both shoes and on every thing the performer takes to the theatre.  If anything is left behind we will know who it belongs to.

11. Each dancer will need a shopping bag with his/her name clearly written on the outside of the bag.  Put all shoes and extra costume in the shopping bag.  On the outside of the bag list items to be found on the inside of the bag.  This may prevent misplaced articles.

12. Fix your dancer’s hair before coming to the theatre.  Plain barrettes.  NO headbands.  Ballet dancers hair should be pulled away from the face and long hair put into a bun on the back of the head.  Hair will stay neat and in place if it is lightly sprayed with hair spray.  The bun should be covered with a fine hair net and securely pinned in place.  Hairnets are the secret of hair staying in a bun, and staying neat.  Short hair should be pulled away from the face and heavily sprayed to keep it in place.  This applies to all performers unless their teacher gives them a special hairstyle for their dance piece.  Stage lights tend to cast shadows.  Long bangs will obscure the face and put the eyes in shadow, if your child has bangs they should be cut so we can see their eyebrows.  Therefore, we ask that the hair be pulled off the face so that you can see your daughter’s beautiful eyes.

      Handy extras:  Safety pins, baby powder, handy wipes, clear nail polish and band-aids. 

13. Please, apply make-up at home if you can.  However, we will have some make-up available.  Light red lipstick on everyone; brown eyebrow pencil if eyebrows are light.  Neutral shades for the eyes look best, such as LIGHT beige or brown eye shadow and dark brown mascara.  They enhance dancers facial features on stage.  Avoid blues and purples.  No eyeliner on the little girls. Use a small amount of rouge high on the cheekbones.  The strong stage lights wash out the faces that do not have make-up.

14. NO LARGE JEWELRY OR WATCHES OF ANY KIND.  Please do not bring them to the theatre.  Small post earrings are OK.

15. NO PANTIES UNDER COSTUMES.  This is mainly for our ballet and lyrical dancers.  They hang down and show under the tights.

16. Many parents give flowers to their dancers after the show.  It’s not required but we pass this along because a few students in the past felt left out when others received flowers and they did not. 

17. Parents/volunteers are welcome to watch the first stage rehearsal.  Please, NO parents or friends at the dress rehearsal unless you are helping out in some way.  We want the finished product to be a surprise.  Help us make it magical. 

       If we have enough parent help downstairs during dress rehearsals we will allow the dancers to watch parts of the shows from the balcony.  However, there must be a parent with them and they must stay together as a group, they need to keep quite and get down stairs four (4) songs before they go on stage.

18. If you are not sure about anything I’ve listed here to get you and your child ready for the rehearsals and performance, please call me (906)932-1661 or (906)364-3221.  Rehearsals are important.  Please don’t miss them.  Best time to catch Margaret is mornings from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

19. Parents, please, do not go into the dressing room (unless you are a helper) during the performance.  We have a group of adults and high school students to work backstage and in the dressing room to care for all the dancers during the performance.  Everyone will be taken care of.  Parents that go back and forth into the theatre disturb the performance and annoy the people sitting around them.  If you muist leave, please wait until the end of the song or dance number.

20. Parents coming in and going out of the dressing room only causes the dancers to become anxious and nervous.  Your child needs you out front to applaud.  Thank you for your cooperation in making this a smooth running show.

21. I know you want pictures of your child performing.  Tommy Ross from Shoe On the Road Advertising & Design will be video taping the entire program.  Gerard Lauzon of North Light Photography will be taking pictures of all our dance groups/classes.  We cannot let individuals take pictures of any kind while the show in running on dress rehearsal or recital nights.  The flash going off in a performer’s eyes is very dangerous, and because of the many complaints from the dancers about the flash hurting their eyes and of the danger of someone falling off the stage due to momentary blindness, it will not be permitted.

22. Please, just enjoy the show and applaud your dancer.  The professional camera men and photographer will capture it all.   DVD's can be ordered before or after the recital.   Order forms for the DVD's will be in our programs and in lobby area. 
You may take photos of your child on stage ONLY AFTER the performance.

23. Class Group & Individual Pictures are scheduled for Saturday, May 7, 2016 and Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the dance studio.  NO OTHER PICTURES WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE TAKEN IN THE BIG ROOM ON THIS DAY.  All students are required to be present for their class picture.  There is no obligation to purchase group photos.  Be in full costume, make-up and hair done.  DO NOT BE LATE!  We will not wait for tardy dancers, come early.  Line Up (10 minutes each group/class).

         Saturday, May 7, 2016

8:45 Hip Hop II (Wednesday)   11:20 Individuals
9:00 Individuals   11:30 Hip Hop Minis (Wednesday)
9:10 Ballet I (Monday)   11:40 Individuals
9:20 Individuals   11:50 CM/Pre-Ballet (Thursday)
9:30 Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap (Monday)   12:00 Individuals
9:40 Individuals   12:10 Lyrical I (Thursday)
9:50 Jazz I (Wednesday)   12:20 Individuals
10:00 Individuals   12:30 Jazz II (Tuesday)
10:10 Tap I/II (Monday)   12:40 Individuals
10:20 Individuals   12:50 Lyrical II (Tuesday)
10:30 Cheer & Poms (Wednesday)   1:00 Individuals
10:40 Individuals   1:10 Ballet II (Thursday)
10:50 Hip Hop I (Wednesday)   1:20 Individuals
11:00 Individuals   1:30 Ballet III/Pre-Pt. (Thursday)
11:10 Hip Hop III (Tuesday)   1:40 Individuals

      Note:  Father/Daughter picture TBA.

     The City Wide Clean-Up Day might be on the same day.  If so please DO NOT PARK in the Central Ski Lodge parking lot.   Park across the street in the empty car lot.  Thank You! 

       Class Group & Individual Pictures are scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the dance studio.  NO OTHER

Saturday, May 14, 2016

8:00 Lyrical IV (Thursday)   9:00 Hip Hop IV (Wednesday)
8:10 Individuals   9:10 Individuals
8:20 Jazz III/IV (Monday)   9:20 Tap III (Wednesday)
8:30 Individuals   9:30 Individuals
8:40 Ballet IV (Monday)   9:40 Lyrical III (Wednesday)
8:50 Individuals & Instructors   9:50 Individuals

24. Volunteer Helpers Needed!!  Class moms, we would greatly appreciate it if you could help out in some way.  We have two dress rehearsal nights and two program nights that we need help with.  A sign-up sheet will be at the studio.  You will be able to watch your child’s dance performance from the back of the auditorium.  Anyone not listed on our volunteer list will not be allowed downstairs. 

25. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 4, 2016 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Theatre concourse.  All other ticket sales will be in the Theatre Office.  All tickets are reserved seating.   Ticket prices are $10.00 Adults (18 and Up) and $5.00 Students (17 and under).  Kids 3 and under are "FREE" if they sit in a parent's lap.  Just like the airlines.  Sorry!!  

      The Ironwood Theatre office downtown will be taking care of all tickets sales. Theatre office hours are Wednesday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm (closed  Mondays and Tuesdays).  Pay by cash or checks, they do not take credit cards.  No on-line purchases.  Go to www.ironwoodtheatre.net for Coming Attractions, Seating Charts & etc. 

      We will give a comp (FREE) ticket to dancers that wanted to come and watch the show they are not dancing in.  We will have a block of 15 seats in the balcony reserved each night for those dancers.  Dancers MUST let Margaret know ASAP so she can get your name to the theatre and reserve your seat.  Those seats will be reserved only until Saturday, May 28, 2016.  After Saturday, May 28th those seats will go on sale.  Dancers wanting to sit on the main floor will have to buy a regular price ticket. 

       Dancing Dads, Grandpas and Uncles.  Yes, you will have to buy a ticket if you want to sit in a seat, otherwise, you may come to the theatre through the front doors just before we line you up to go on stage.  We will give you an approx. time to be in the lobby or you can stand in the back of the auditorium. 

      Those of you who have a credit balance on your account at IDC and want to use it on recital tickets must let Margaret know so she can pass your name and amount of credit to the theatre office before you get your tickets.

26. Recital Class Schedule.  List of classes dancing on each specific night.  Not all classes will be dancing both nights.
Subject to change!

Friday’s Program (June 10th) Saturday’s Program (June 11th)
Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet
 Hip Hop I Hip Hop Minis
Ballet I Lyrical I
Jazz I Cheer & Poms
Tap I/II Tap I/II
Ballet II Ballet II
Lyrical II Lyrical II
Jazz II Jazz II
Hip Hop II Hip Hop II
Hip Hop III Hip Hop III
Ballet III/Pre-Pointe Ballet III/Pre-Pointe
Lyrical III Lyrical III
Ballet IV Ballet IV
Lyrical IV Lyrical IV
Hip Hop IV Hip Hop Iv
Father/Daughter Father/Daughter
Von Drake Dancers Von Drake Dancers

27. TECH REHEARSAL, Monday, June 6th.  Please enter and exit Ironwood Theatre through the side doors on (Lowell St.) and  proceed to the auditorium.   Once the dancers have practiced their dance pieces on stage they may leave.  DO NOT BE LATE!! We will not wait for tardy dancers.  Line Up (30 min. for younger classes, 20 min. Level II and up):

4:00 Cheer & Poms   6:45 Father/Daughter
4:30 Ballet I   7:10 Hip Hop II
5:00 Jazz I   7:30 Hip Hop III
5:30 Hip Hop I   7:50 Hip Hop IV
6:00 Father/Daughter   8:00 Open

28. TECH REHEARSAL, Tuesday, June 7th.   Please enter and exit Ironwood Theatre through the side doors on (Lowell St.) and  proceed to the auditorium.   Once the dancers have practiced their dance pieces on stage they may leave.  DO NOT BE LATE!! We will not wait for tardy dancers.  Line Up (30 min. for younger classes, 20 min. Level II and up):

4:00 Ballet II   6:30  Lyrical III
4:20 Tap I/II   6:50 Tap III
4:50 Lyrical I   7:10 Jazz III/IV
5:20 Lyrical II   7:30 Ballet IV
5:50 Jazz II   7:50 Lyrical IV
6:10 Ballet III/Pre-Pointe   8:10 Open

29. TECH REHEARSAL/DRESS REHEARSAL, Wednesday, June 8th.   Younger dancers will do their tech rehearsal before their dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsal dancers go directly to the dressing room downstairs and to your designated area for your class. Be at the theatre no later then 5:45 PM.  Dress rehearsal is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm sharp running through
Friday’s Program
(approx. 2  1/2 hr). 

4:00 Open   5:00 Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap
4:30 Open   5:30 Open

30. TECH REHEARSAL/DRESS REHEARSAL, Thursday, June 9th.   Younger dancers will do their tech rehearsal before their dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsal dancers go directly to the dressing room downstairs and to your designated area for your class. Be at the theatre no later then 5:45 PM. Dress rehearsal is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm sharp running through Saturday’s Program (approx. 2  1/2 hr). 


4:00 Open   5:00 Hip Hop Minis
4:30 Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet   5:30 Open

31. PERFORMANCE NIGHTS.  Friday, June 10th and Saturday, June 11th, 2016.  Show time is 6:30 PM.  Be at the theatre
at 5:30 PM.  Doors will open at 5:30 PM on both nights.  Show time is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

32. Parents, you are asked to pick up your child from the dressing room down stairs or from the stage after the show.

33. Party! Party!  After the Saturday night show the instructors, assistants, helpers, parents and dancers are going to the Maplewood Steakhouse for a pizza buffet.  The buffet will run immediately following the recital until approx. 11:00 PM.  You are invited to join us.  The price is $7.00 per person (adult or child).  Please pay at the dining room door.  If you prefer not to eat the buffet, the bar will be open to anyone wanting to view Friday's show with Margaret, Cheyenne, Tiffany, Joan, Maggie, Jamee, Kai and the dancers.  Maplewood Steakhouse is located at 156 E Cloverland Dr. in Ironwood.  If you have any questions call Margaret at 906-932-1661.

Thanks for your cooperation.  It’s going to be a great night of fun and excitement!!

Last Dancewear order will be placed on Friday, May 13, 2016.

Please remember to talk to your student's instructor to get the information you need regarding your
child's performance hair and make-up. 
Each class is different!

Shoe & Tight Colors Needed for Pictures and Spring Recital Performance 2016


            4:00 Ballet I      Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Tights                                             

                                   4:00 Pre-Ballet/Tiny Tap  -  Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes & Tan "Shimmery" Tights                           

5:00 Tap I/II  -  Black Tap Shoes & Tan "Shimmery" Tights

5:00 Ballet IV   -   Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Tights

                    6:45 Jazz III/IV      Tan Jazz Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights           


4:00 Lyrical II  -   Nude Lyrical Shoes & Tan Footless Tights

        5:00 Hip Hop III  -  "NO" Tights 

                                    6:00 Jazz II      Tan Jazz Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights                                                


4:00 Cheer & Poms  -  TBA Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights          

 4:15 Hip-Hop Minis     White Tennis Shoes & "NO" Tights    

                                                       5:00  Jazz I   –   Black Jazz Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights                                                                     

5:00 Hip Hop II      Black Funk Shoes & "NO" Tights

                                         6:00 Lyrical III     Nude Lyrical Shoes & Tan Footless Tights 

                                       6:00 Hip Hop I  -  Black Funk Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights                                          

7:00 Tap III      Black Tap Shoes & Tan Footed Flat Tights

  7:00 Hip Hop IV      Black Glitter Boots & “NO” Tights


4:00 CM/Pre-Ballet     Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Tights
                                       -   Killian – Black Ballet Shoes & Black Pants

                                               4:00 Ballet II     Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Tights & Nude Undergarment                                                       

                                         5:15 Lyrical I  -    Nude Lyrical Shoes & Tan Footless Tights                                 

      5:15 Ballet III/Pre-Pointe  – Pink Ballet Shoes & Pink Tights

                                         6:45 Lyrical IV – Nude Lyrical Shoes & Tan Footless Tights