Auditions and Class Advancement

Ironwood Dance Company Inc.
2015/2016 Season
Class Advancement

May and August are the months when the instructors & the director pay special attention to dancers who could move up to a higher level class for the next upcoming season.

  • Advancements to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 will be made by the instructor & director’s discretion. 

  • Advancements to Level 4 classes in Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop will be by the instructor & director’s discretion
    or by audition.

Reminder: Level 4 dancers are expected to be in attendance at all scheduled performances & events.

Advancement is based on previous experience, knowledge and execution of technique, correct placement, previous class attendance record, energy/attitude, musical rhythm/timing, creativity, how quickly a dancer learns & picks up choreography & routines, facial expressions and/or by instructor/director’s recommendation - not necessarily by age - which means some classes may have a variety of age levels.

Please keep in mind that most students spend an average of two to three years at each level before mastering the skills to advance - unless a student is exceptionally talented. Students need to practice & positively apply corrections. Dance is uniquely an art form as well as a sport - dance technique and performance improves with time & dedication.

Audition Fee is $15.00 per person/per class style and is payable at time of audition. If unable to attend the scheduled audition dates, you still can audition however the cost will be $30.00 (It will be treated like a private lesson).

Auditions will be one or two weeks after our recital in June and again in August before fall classes begin.

Ask for a copy of our Technique Advancement List from the studio front desk.
The audition requirements may differ from class to class.

2015/2016 Audition Dates:

Day and Time:  TBA

Call the studio office 906-932-1661 for a scheduled specific audition time.

Audition Requirements:

Level 3 & Level 4 Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical Classes: Auditions will be conducted like a regular class that may include barre’, stretching, center and across the floor exercises, a short combination for timing, personal style and memorization. Must know the following terms, what they mean and demonstrate/execute each one correctly.

Pique’ Turns   Double Pirouette
Barrel Turns   Side Leaps
Hitch Kick   Fan Kick
Leap Turns   Coupe’ Turn
Stag Leap   Lay Outs
Renverse’   Turning Hitch Kick
Pas de bourre’ Turn   Triple Pirouette
Lyrical Roll   Attitude Turns
Turns in 2nd   Calypso
Passe’ Hop with Catch Jump   Single/Double Attitude Turn
Side Tilt   Fouettes
Illusions   Axels
Switch Leaps   Side Hitch Kick
Back Attitude Leap    

Competition Funk Junior and Senior Classes: Auditions will be conducted with more than one instructor present. Instructors will evaluate the dancer’s technique, timing, difficulty, and showmanship. Dancers from other styles are encouraged to audition as the terms and techniques required in other forms of dance translate well into Funk and Hip-Hop with the appropriate attitude & music.

1. Original choreographed piece- (30 seconds minimum/1 minute maximum) this is NOT free-style. We will ask the dancer to repeat and/or break down parts of the piece for the instructors. This will show the instructors that you are capable of presenting choreography and teaching it to other students.

2. Q & A - Each dancer should be prepared to answer questions about themselves, their dance experience, and why they would like to join this team. Dancers at this competition level are expected to interact with the public and should have the ability to speak and conduct themselves appropriately.

Classes Attending Competitions

Why do we compete?

  • We value the competition experience.
  • We build team camaraderie, make memories, work hard, reach goals & have fun!
  • It’s exciting!
  • We see great studios that inspire us to be more, do more.
  • We see performances from other studios that make all of us appreciate our own studio a little more.
  • We win prizes and awards, we all hoot and holler in support and encouragement.
  • We find out how our ideas, training and efforts stack up against our peers.
  • Dance Teams that Compete must remember:

    * Sign the IDC Performing Group Policy Form.
    * Dancer must remain in classes for the entire season.
    * Class attendance is mandatory.
    * There will be extra expenses for: competition fees, coaching fees, costumes & extra rehearsals.