Tap is a kind of dance in which you wear special shoes with metal plates on the heels and toes and make tapping sounds with your feet.  Tap is characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor (or other surfaces) as a percussive instrument and thus is sometimes considered a type of music.

In our tap classes we start at the beginner level and build on the basics with faster tempos as the dancer progresses.  Our teachers follow the "Al Gilbert" tap method  of teaching and training.

Creative Movement / Tiny Tap (ages 5-7):  Classes are designed to improve body awareness and posture placement and foster self-confidence, emphasizing motor skills development, coordination and limbering exercises.  Basic beginner technique, group activities, basic tap steps will all be introduced along with classroom manners.  Requirements:  Students must be able to keep quiet, listen and follow instructions.

Level I (ages 7-9):  Beginner classes for students with little or no previous dance experience.  Learn basic traditional technique and vocabulary; terminology, body positions and stretching in each dance discipline.  A strong ballet foundation is critical to becoming a truly fine dancer in any dance form. 

Level II (ages 10-12):  Beginner/intermediate classes for students with two or more years of  Level I dance experience.  The focus will be on traditional technique, vocabulary, terminology, stretch and strength training.

Level III (ages 12-14 or by Audition):   Intermediate/advanced class for dancers with two or more years of Level II dance experience.  Should know the basic technique and terminology and demonstrate each with good form.  A good working knowledge of leaps, turns (inside/outside pirouettes) and floor combinations is expected.  Should be able to create own choreography to share with the group.

Level IV (by Audition):  For the serious advanced student who have taken four or more years of  dance and at least two years Level III dance experience and are committed to attending workshops and competitions.  Must have a good attendance record from previous years.

Adult Tap (18 & Up):  Recreational class for a more relaxed time of exercise while learning some basic to intermediate tap steps.  September through December will focus on learning and perfecting tap technique.   January through May; may focus on working on a recital piece for the upcoming spring recital performance in June.  It’s a great way to improve your general health!

Required Attire for Tap:   Black tap shoes (strap or oxford), basic leotard, tights, camisole tops & shorts.  NO PANTS OR LEG WARMERS ALLOWED DURING TAP SESSION.